Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Little Blue has whipped cream in the oil!

While checking the state of my disabled choke last Saturday, I came across an interesting find in Little Blue. The tube from the oil filter to the oil filler neck was filled with a brown, whipped cream-like substance. I posted about it on TheSamba.com to find out that it could be and the idea is that it's water condensation in the oil. I'll buy that, but the reason they suggested that it's happening is because the oil isn't getting up to operating temp. I'm not so sure I buy that as I drive it about 30 miles at a time, twice a day.

Anyway, here are the pictures from last Saturday...

The choke is the little, white disc back there.

And, the oil...

I blew it out on a t-shirt.

and here is some video:



Yuck. Looks like mustardy mayonnaisey white grease.


Yum! You should put that on toast.

Ludwig's Drivers
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Ludwig's Drivers

That's water in the oil, alright. If Little Blue had a radiator I'd say she has a cracked head.


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