Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sunday Beach run to Dillon Beach

This past weekend we decided to be a little spontaneous with Big Blue and headed on an oyster / Dillon Beach run. We have become fans of the local oyster place that is about a 20 minute drive from our house – Hog Island Oysters. We headed there, picked up 2 dozen oysters for later, then turned the bus back north along the coast to head to Dillon Beach – a small, all but forgotten area at the mouth of Tomales Bay.

That is the northern tip of Pt Reyes.

This is the area between our home and the ocean - great rolling hills and cows everywhere.

We like this beach as it is really close to our house and is usually empty. This past weekend, even though there was a chilly breeze in the air (summer in San Fran) the beach was the most crowded we have seen it – but not too crowded to get a front row (slightly sideways) spot for Big Blue.

EP setting up "beach camp".

This awesome Syncro was parked down the beach from us...

Not sure who this guy is, since the plaque was taken, but it's a great view...

We wasted several hours there, relaxing and taking in the absence of the real world. I walked up to a cool little spot that I have always been fond of that's in an old trailer park. A few years ago, I tried to get on the waiting list and they basically laughed at me (although they do come up for sale occasionally). Many of them are new trailers, but there are a few vintage ones thrown in. I’m assuming these are hold-outs from the original park. New or old, you can’t beat the location or the view.

Back at Big Blue, we read, watched the kite surfers, and enjoyed some wine. Eventually, we broke out the oysters we had gotten earlier and enjoyed them our favorite way – with a little Tapatio and some lime. Mmmmmm Good.

Betty 3.


This cool old road-beaten camper pulled in behind us.

EP did some kite flying since the wind was so strong. While there were some pros with fancy kites in the area, I think EP's fish had a pretty good showing...

After a nap in the bus, we took off for home just before sunset. A great day spent doing nothing but enjoying the bus and the land around us.

One final look back - pulled off the road on the way out at a spot for rock climbing.

Our route.



Looks like a swell time, not to mention some great photos!


I loved this blog. I'm still looking for a vw bus, but big blues adventures are keeping me entertained while I am looking. Keep up the great blogs.

Big Blue's Driver

Exoticdvm - The weather is not as nice as Miami, but it was about as good as it gets in summer here.

dadmichael - glad you are liking the blog. This post represents the exact reason a bus rocks. You can use it to plan long vacations and trips across the states (like Exoticdvm) or just a Sunday run to the beach.

Let us know when you get your bus!


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