Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vintage Tuesday! Vintage Vacation #2

Summer 1971.

June 30th, 1971 - Southbound out of Eureka. I was supposed to make it down in one night to Healdsburg to pick up my girlfriend, Laurie, but got started late and took my time getting down the coast. Found a campground near Petrolia where no one was. Great ocean campground. Great sunset.

The plan isn't to take the direct route. South to pick up Laurie and, later, near Encinitas, my friend Rick. Then to Mexico, where I plan on having the front end of Elvis, my 1970 VW bus, fixed and painted. Then back through Arizona and Nevada, back into California.

Picking up Laurie in the morning. Then hitting a few wineries and continuing south. I have about a month before second session of summer classes start, so we have time, but it will go quick. Even though I grew up here, there is so much California that exists that there is so much I haven't seen. Look forward to shedding light on some of the roads I haven't been down. Illuminate them in my mind's map.

This is me...

And a picture of my dog, Dylan. He is not joining us on this trip.

And this is me with Elvis. Notice the damage to the front end? That was the result of bad judgment after coming back from seeing "The Band". I was a little, well... not paying attention. Anyway, my dad wanted me to get it fixed, so off we go...

Elvis and I near Fortuna.

Self-portrait - Day One.


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