Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kicking the cobwebs out of Big Blue...

I'm sad to admit it. This summer, our time in Big Blue seems to have slowed. We normally don't camp much in the summer anyway. Usually the crowds are too big and annoying. And usually, unless it's by the ocean, it's a hot ride in Big Blue.

We've used the bus some. We made 4 camping trips so far in 2010 in Big Blue and several daytrips. Also a few runs to pick up something too big for our car. But the time spent communicating with El Gordo Azul has been little lately.

We've been busy. The year started with a new job. We had a trip to Paris. And with EP being pregnant (can you see it in the photo above?) we have been doing life things like life insurance, a will, a trust, painting the nursery, having a garage sale, painting the nursery, figuring out maternity leave and painting the nursery and on and on. You get the picture. It's been a helluva busy time.

In the middle of all that, I organized Bus City 2010 which turned out awesome despite the campground's attempts to spoil it (we won't be going back).

When I find time to talk VW, I usually tried to do at least one heartfelt or personal entry here a week and then chat VWs on Big Blue's Facebook page. That has been fun - the Facebook page. So many fun and interesting bus folks to interact with and people love sharing their stories as much as I love hearing them.

But the best VW time - and the reason we have Big Blue - is for EP, Big Blue and me (and now "Q" who is minus 16 weeks from popping out) to gather up miles and experiences together. Blue provides the comfort of a backpack on wheels, EP provides the best company one could have for such an adventure and California provides the ever-changing diverse landscape. I've been a lot of places, but NorCal beats them all.

Last weekend, we decided to take Big Blue over to a little hot spring pool just north of Sonoma. When I got in, I found that the gas pedal was wrapped in cobwebs and the battery was dead. It hit me hard. Big Blue is a giant blue reminder of what life is about. And we have been so busy lately I started to forget that. And the reason it scares me a little is that's the exact thing I want to teach to "Q" when "the kid" comes into the world.

I jumped Big Blue and let it sit and warm up for a while. We made the trip to Sonoma. That's where the picture above is from. And it felt good to have the radio up and be cruising down the road at about 45 mph.

I decided to have Little Blue - our '63 bug - stand down for the week as a commuter. I filled Blue with gas and since Monday have put over 180 miles on him - 4-5 CDs worth of road time. It feels good. While grumpy on Monday morning, Blue has since warmed up, the brakes aren't squeaking from lack of use anymore and I've taken a mental lists of a few remaining projects to get going with Big Blue.

So here's what I'm thinking. I can't make any promises to Big Blue as things are just too up in the air right now. But soon, EP, Little Q and I are going to take you north, ol' Blue. Our favorite places along highway one. It will be Little Q's first trip up highway one. Let's show her (I'm pretty sure Q is a "her") what we dig about it. Let's show her why we camp in Big Blue in the first place. Let's show her what this whole thing is about.


Ludwig's Drivers

We know the feeling.
Nice post.



That's why Blu has a pop top - when my wife became pregnant with our first daughter, we decided more room would be the right fix to the space problem of the bus. Also got a portable potty to make things more convenient inside the tent. Took the bus to Alameda and got the cool top installed. The extra spaced worked perfectly.

You'll have a blast camping in Blu with your new one.

Best wishes,


Big Blue's Driver

@whc03grady- Yeah - you gotta be swamped with a to do list right now!

Monty - good to hear from you! It sounds like the first few month of camping will be me sleeping up top and the lower bed will be for EP and yet-to-be-named child. Can't wait to introduce the kid to the open road at the speed of Big Blue!


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