Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vintage Tuesday: More reader submissions

These photos and stories were sent in by Carol Dykes. I really like these pictures and the stories attached. The white walls, the missing hubcap, the people in the pictures. Big thanks to Carol for sharing these with everyone. It's great to see the old VWs in their original world. The captions are Carol's - so enjoy the details!

Me, helping wash my mother's friend's brand new 59 or 60 VW.

Us on a picnic on a drive in the same car. Left to right, me, my brother, and my mother's friend.

My husband in his band uniform, circa 66-68.

My husband with his first car: 1959 in 1966, first boo boo. Neighbor's '64 Galaxy 500 backed out and hit him.

My mother in my brother's '60 bug. I learned to drive a stick on this car.

My brother and his '59 VW in 1969. He was 23 at the time.



Great set. That is one VW-heavy family.



these are vintage awesome. love them.

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