Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vintage Tuesday - Some Readers' Photos!

This is a photo of my family's 1970 Riviera camper van. The photo was taken in the fall of 1985 when my brother David and his best friend decorated the camper for homecoming. Yes, it did wash off!! Thank goodness! The van originally belonged to my grandfather who bought it new. I have it now, and it's awaiting restoration. Can hardly wait to get it back on the road! - Judith

I found this picture at my fiance's house a little while ago. This is her dad(on the left) her aunt (in the middle) and her uncle (on the right) all standing in front of her aunts old splittie. This picture was taken in 1970 in Bethesda, Maryland. - Thomas

This would have been taken in 1985--that's me leaning out of the passenger window (with the antennae covering half my face) and my dad leaning out the driver's window. -Maryn



Great collection of pics, I enjoy looking at the clothing people are sporting. :)

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