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2001 NADA price guide - VW buses

I found a NADA price guide at a thrift store a few months back. Thought it would be interesting to see the value difference of the VWs. Oddly, bugs weren't included in the book. But here are the values of the bus, 10 years ago:



I can see why Beetles weren't included in the Truck section of the guide (the section pictured), but weren't they in the Car section?



why the spike in campmobile prices in '74?

Ludwig's Drivers

Actually, by 2001 the only Campmobiles to gain value (according to their MSRP plus inflation) were '68s and '69s. The '74 came in 6th that year, with a depreciation (after inflation) of 15%.
Today of course Bay Windows are more sought after, and values reflect that. Now the Campmobile with the biggest gains since production is the 1969 model, followed by the 1971, then 1968. NADA only shows '75s and newer as still having depreciated. Again, 1974 comes in 6th place, this time with an increase in value of 19%.

The question is, why is 1978 the worst off? It has the second-lowest production figures making it relatively rare, and was the most expensive out of the dealership's door ($8570 in 1978=$22,957 in 2001=$28,946 in 2011).

See my spreadsheet of all this at:


Big Blue's Driver

whc03grady - odd thing about the guide - it had a car section, but it was about half the alphabet (the first 1/2). it stopped short of listing VWs.

BodesWell - Until Ludwig's Drivers chimed in with all his percents and spreadsheets, I was going to mention that '74s are more popular today over '75s simply because of smog regulations in California. This is not an answer to your question, but an observation that now seems pedestrian after Ludwig's response...


whc03grady -

looks like you used the 'high' values from the range. Wondering if you get the same result using the average resale value... but, this is already way more analysis than I ever expected.

My comment only because back in 2001, people seemed to be paying the most for the 1974 model. It seemed strange to me, but maybe Big Blue's answer covers that.

Ludwig's Drivers
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