Thursday, March 10, 2011

Follow up on the 1956 bug's YOM plates

For those of you who read the first post about my efforts to get YOM plates for the 1956 bug project (who's working name is "The Green Hornet"), posted here, I can happily update you with the news that the tags and plates are now official.

On 10-22-10 I walked into the DMV in Napa and started the process. In early February, a mere 3 1/2 months later, the tags arrive. The next day, I received the new title. The car can now wear the 1956 plates I bought through ebay.

The coolest thing is that they did come with some (prison-made) tag holders so you don't have to stick the new tags on your old plates. They look like this:

So, this is how I plan for it to look on the car....

My only concern is having the tags hang off the plate may make them more of a target for theft, so anti-unscrew methods will be hashed out and employed.

So, I'll recommend the guy who sold me the plates. He sent me this with the plates:

And here's his contact info:

Now, to actually get the bug running!



What a hassle, but at least it's done. Nice looking plates, here's a link to help keep them:


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