Monday, March 28, 2011

September 1959 Small Car Parade

Yet another scanned article from the Kayo Books stack.



It looks like the writers at Small Car Parade made the all-too-common mistake of conflating grade percentage with angle. A 30% grade isn't a slope at a 30 degree angle, it's a little over 16.5 degrees. A 45-degree slope is a 100% grade (one unit up for every unit forward) and an actual 30-degree grade would be well over 50%, climbable--if climbable at all--only by the most capable of four wheel drives, and certainly not a Beetle (no offense to the Beetle).

Sorry for the rant, it's just that I'm very particular about such things.


Big Blue's Driver

whc03grady - thanks for sharing this info. Never knew that. I'm glad you are particular about these things!

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