Friday, April 29, 2011

4-29-11 - Big Blue's Week in review

This PORT magazine gets an early vote from me as "worst magazine ever" (and this is the first issue!). Not sure why I picked it up at the bookstore, but I did flip to this awesome picture of 4-door Vanagon pickup. Redemption? Eeeeee..... not yet.

Mid America Motorworks and Hemmings Motor News signed on as our fourth and fifth sponsors for Big Blue's Bus City 2011. We dig both of those companies and are very happy for their help and support!

I had Monday and Tuesday off this week and decided it was time to make some progress on the Green Hornet (the temporary name for the '56 bug). Engine tin was removed and hauled, along with the wheels, to the powder coater. The 2 transaxles were dropped off at Valley Wagonworks to make its way to the east bay, to Ron's Transaxle? Once the wheels come back, tires go on and then I have a roller!

Here are some pictures...

Engine (almost) void of its engine tin. Note my Jackson Pollock-ish painting in the background. Available to someone for the right price!

The truck load on its way to the powder coating place.

My dad, who, along with my mom, was in town for the last month visiting with Oak and buying up all the old outboard motors in Northern California. He helped run stuff to the various places doing work.

We took my 2 transaxles to Paul (center, above). For those of you who remember, the '56 bug came with 2 full transaxle/axle combos - both in various states of pieces. Paul will pass them to Ron and I hope to get a nice, rebuilt one back in about a month.

My brother flew in last weekend to see Oak He had never seen Big Blue, Little Blue or the Green Hornet and kept his bewilderment mostly concealed. Here he is with Big Blue...

Last week, I mentioned Static was back. He came home with gifts. He sent us a pair of travel conductor wands (who knows why?) and this wicked-awesome sticker...

Always last, stickers! My aluminum triangle arrived from Napa Valley Art Supplies, completing the last step in getting the stickers out to the VW Camper Family. My hope is to drop these in the mail before the May 1st newsletter/update!




We follow your blog from Barcelona, is very interesting.

Love the stickers "BABY IN VW


Big Blue's Driver

Kamperfalia77 - thanks for the kind words about the blog. I dig yours! Are there a ton of other VW campers in Barcelona?


Here there are not many vw bay window, but a lot of vw Vagons.


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