Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Portland-area single cab from my recent trip to Portland...

How cool are these old stickers!


Ludwig's Drivers

Wow, that SC is a dead ringer for Noel, the 1960 SC I codrove from Nebraska to New York and back in 2001.
Unfortunate exhaust.


Big Blue's Driver

whc03grady- Funny you say that. I thought for a very long moment that the driver was you. I was inside the station getting some cash at the ATM and this guy walked in who looked like you (at least, the pictures I have seen). The I walked outside and saw the SC and thought, holy shit, that was the driver of this thing. I wonder if that's Mitch. Then thought, Man, I think I would know if he had (or was commissioned to drive) a SC with Montana plates and was headed through northern Oregon. So I never did talk to the driver...

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