Friday, April 22, 2011

Big Blue's Week in Review - 4-22-10

West Coast Metric and GoWesty signed on as sponsors to Bus City 2011. New details are up about the campout so check it out. We are a month away!

We spotted a familar bus in the new issue of BEER WEST magazine. Party Pickle! Very fitting for a VW owner who obviously love his beer:

There was a bonus VW in the magazine as well. A VW food truck from the Portland area:

Gas Prices in our area (north of San Francisco) have hit $4.27/gallon for the cheap stuff. On Jan 1, 2011, it was $3.39/gallon for the same grade. That's about a 26% increase. Have you received a 26% percent cost of living raise?

Static is back from China! Those of you who love the man know what this means to the NorCal VW Camping scene.

I owe people stickers and haven't had time to cut them. Yes, I cut every one of them from a larger sheet. Cheaper way to do it, but a pain in the ass.

If we were in Portland in June, we'd want to meet Rusty:

And, last, thanks to Yuri for posting this picture to Big Blue's Facebook page. While not a tequila man, as a bus man, I appreciate this bus hitting the road and spreading good cheer! And you could drink Corrido in the back along the way!


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