Sunday, April 1, 2012

Back Where it All Begins, Part 1: March Madness

I am back. Though the thought of starting this up again seems harder than should. In the 4+ years of writing this blog I have taken 2 breaks - both announced - from posting. Once, when Oak was born. And once, the year before that, I took a 7 day break while we took a trip. Other than that, I posted almost every day. Over 1000 posts.

So, when March 2012 grew into a chaos out of my control, posting here was the first thing to go. Actually, a lot of things had to go to make me stop posting. And they did. So I did.

What happened? You might wonder. Explaining that added to the reservations about coming back here to post. So I will detail some updates over the next few days to bring readers up to speed on the current state of the VW adventures. But, until then, here's an illustration...



Do what you gotta do, dude. If you miss a post or 1,000, no one will be upset.

Unknown is good to see you back Brett. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures or misadventures.
Post when you get a chance as time and energy allows.
We're all routing for ya!

Big Blue's Driver

Jack & VW Busman - thanks for the support from both of you. I truly dig writing the blog - mainly because it has opened my world up. Thanks for coming being on the bus with me.

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