Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Back Where It All Begins, Part 2: The Soul of Little Blue

Little Blue currently sits in our garage with another blown motor. Now that I know what rods going bad sounds like, I'm pretty sure it's that.

I was headed to work one morning in early March. The sound was slight. 20 miles or so later and the car was on the side of the road with a seized engine. As you may recall, this is a replacement engine that was swapped in last fall. Now, this engine was a used, non-rebuilt engine. So there is no warranty. I'm not even expecting anything from the shop that sold me the engine as I understand it wasn't their fault.

The blown engine couldn't have come at a worse time. I rented a car after it happened to get to work as I needed something that could pick up Oak from daycare. We car shopped one weekend and by Sunday had a new car on its way.

The future of Little Blue is now uncertain. A plan is in place. But 2 bugs needing engines in my garage seems like 1 bug too many. More to come...


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