Monday, April 9, 2012

Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park - video of a younger version of us...

Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park
will be closed indefinitely in June 2012

Our experience with Grizzly Creek was not with our VW bus. But it was better off without it anyway, as the highlight of this park is the environmental camping down by the river. California parks call anything a bit of a walk from the parking lot "Environmental Camping", even if it is 50 yards from the parking lot. In the case of Grizzly Creek, it's not far from where you park, but it's a different place on the other side.

Here's the view from above on Google Maps:

Green. Nothing but green for miles and miles.

And that's the way it should be. Highway 36, which this park is on, is a great adventure itself, worth the hours spent following its cutbacks and tight curves. This is big tree country, and an unused area of California that begs to be explored.

Before we bought the bus, we traveled in our MINI or a company car - a Chevy Uplander - that we had. We would film many of our visits to these parks and post them to YouTube. I don't think Grizzly Creek's video ever made it until now.

We'll be uploading a number of old videos this month. Many from the parks that are closing, in the hopes that you will help us by writing a letter to help save the parks. It actually takes less time than watching this video:



Wife and I went to Crescent City, Ca. last summer to see the coast and redwoods. I had not been to CA since 1964 and saw the redwoods in Sequoia then. They are still magnificent and worth saving. Never been to Grizzly Creek R.S.P. but it looks like it's worth saving too. I live in Wyoming and we have room to spread out. You guys in CA are getting short on space. Better save it while you can.

Big Blue's Driver

We haven't been to Sequoia yet. Need to do that! While Cali is stuffed full, up until now it's felt like we've had alot of space to go hide in. Closing the parks might change that and that's something worth fighting against.



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