Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lights done... now the carb!

I was able to get the turn signals and lights working this past weekend on Little Blue. Viking Auto Parts, the VW store in Novato, helped with the new bulbs....

A little Duco cement...

The piece glued back together.

But we are not quite ready to roll yet. After Mike pointed out in the comments a few posts ago, the piece on the carb where the fuel line goes in is NOT supposed to come out. I suspected as much and asked Bryan at Viking what he thought. "Engine fire for sure, dude" was his response. Great.

So my choice was to get a new core and do a rebuild or buy a rebuilt carb. I opted for the rebuilt carb since I want to get Little Blue on the road as soon as I can. Bryan is going to build one for me (for $110) and I'll swap them out. After doing that, I plan on rebuilding my old carb with a new core just to see if I can...

Solex, 28 PICT carb.


PJ Alau

I'm still voting to BB as a name for the car.

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