Monday, July 21, 2008

Little Blue's Commute: Monday afternoon update

Little Blue sleeping out in front of work.

This morning, I took Little Blue out on her first commute, which she didn't like very much (I still feel odd about referring it her as a "her"). I have 2 standing problems now:

1) After all that work adjusting the carb this weekend, and getting it running nice, today she doesn't want to idle at all. She dies at every light. This wouldn't be a problem except...

2) The accelerator cable is still sticking all the way in when I give her gas beyond a certain point. I had to reach down a few times on my way to work and pull the pedal back with my hand as the engine is racing...

I also noticed a bit of fuel coming out of the bolt that the cable hinges on. That may be the entire issue right there. Perhaps I didn't install the carb correctly or the carb is bunk. Either way, it's really a dance of sorts to drive it right now.

So basically, I have problems at the low end (idle) and high end (sticking pedal). But, while doing 35 up a hill, she runs like a dream...

I checked The Samba for advice and even went out at lunch to try to at least get some idle going. Failing, I have decided to throw in the towel and take her to Paul to work on. I won't have another chance to work on her until August 9th, so I'm handing it off. I'll drive her to Paul's tonight were EP will meet me. I told her I'd be the one either stalled at the end of the block or doing 90 past the shop.

Back to commuting in Big Blue in the morning.

While there, I'm having Paul go over all the basics; valve adjustment, points, oil change, check brakes, etc. My hope is when she comes out the other side, no other work (aside from some new rubber on the doors and figuring out why I have no driver's side low beam) will need to be done.


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