Monday, July 21, 2008

Little Blue - carb update

Google's street view of Paul's shop.

After work today, I brought Little Blue to Paul's (Valley Wagonworks in San Rafael). I rigged up the carburetor with rubber bands placed on the back of the linkage to provide resistance to the gas pedal. With this rig, I was able to make it the 10 or so miles up the highway to Paul's without too much trouble - although my top speed was about 45 on the 101 north (followed a good amount of that time by a bright orange vanagon! They are always there when you need them).

Paul immediately went to work on it and was concentrating on the actual gas pedal. He was heading to his buddy's place next door to weld something on the linkage when I left. I felt bad about waving the white flag on this, but always appreciate having Paul on my side.

I'll update the blog tomorrow when I hear what Paul has found.


PJ Alau

OK, if Paul has trouble with it, It's time for little blue to see John. Call me, I'll introduce you two.

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