Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Update on Little Blue...

I picked up Little Blue from Paul last Friday at noon. When I drove home, I noticed a certain lack of wanting to roll while stopped - as if something was hanging up in the wheels somewhere. When I got home, a quick check of the wheels lead to the discovery that my front, passenger side wheel was extremely hot to the touch compared to the others. I assume the problem is there. On Sunday night, I jacked up the front end using my newly purchased floor jack (soooo much better than the small bottle jacks I've been working with) and took both front wheels off (which you can do at the same time as the front end is so light). Spinning the hubs didn't really tell me anything, but when I took the hub cab off that front, p-side wheel, a bunch of black filth fell out. Again, I think that wheel is the issue.

Finding nothing obvious (Paul said he checked the front brakes and they were fine), and parked a little in front of my neighbor's garage, I put the wheels back on. I took it for a short spin and there didn't seem to be any resistance anymore. I have parked Little Blue since and, this weekend, will do a more exhaustive search for the problem and see if it still exists.

I made an appointment at a place called, The Garage, in Petaluma for next Tuesday, should I need expert advice. I am skipping out on Paul for 2 reasons: The first is that this place is right down the street, minimizing any damage vs the 20+ mile drive to Paul's. The second reason is I really, really want to see what VWs they are working on at The Garage, as they always have quite a collection in front of their place and I've noticed most VWs around town have "The Garage" license plate frames. Got to check out the local VW scene...

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