Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Installing a new Koni steering damper

I fell pray to the Koni steering damper controversy, which started as an April Fool's Day joke, but turned out to really exist (click on the link above for the whole, interesting thread at The Samba). I picked one up from my friend PJAlau, who lives here in SF, a few weeks back. This past weekend, I crawled under Big Blue and swapped the new Koni for the old, existing steering damper. I need to go back and adjust it tighter, so no noticeable difference in driving as of yet. But with it tighter, the hope it that the bus tracks better in high winds. I'll keep you updated on it's effect on Big Blue's high performance abilities...

New Koni damper.

Old one on the bus.

Old vs. new.

New one installed. I am going to get new hardware for it when I go back to adjust it.



Now you need the Koni shocks, or do you have them already? Actually, the most radical change in driveability that we've ever experienced was when we fitted light truck tires (Hankook RA08s) in place of the passenger car tires Ludwig had been running.
After throwing down more on our Koni shock absorbers than we did on the bus itself, I'd have a hard time convincing Melissa (and myself, probably) that we should get the matching steering damper. But it's super-awesome nonetheless.


Big Blue's Driver

Actually, Big Blue is need of shocks. I was thinking of going Koni as well but, man, they are expensive. Still, when we replace them soon, I might be tempted to throw down the cash - If I haven't spent my VW money on something else that month...

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