Thursday, August 28, 2008

Moving the new nose home...

My friend, UP, helped me move the front of the other bus home Wednesday night. Everything was super easy and I really, really appreciate both Paul and Robert at Valley Wagonworks for coming through. Robert even loaned me his pickup truck to take it home, and had it all loaded when I went to pick it up. And I appreciate UP stopping in on his way to SF from Vegas to ride up and help me unload. This thing is becoming a community project.

UP and the bus. He looks crazy, but is really quite... well, maybe a little crazy.

Big Blue, eyeing the new nose.

After ripping my jeans on the sharp metal, we respected the cut edges every step of the way. It was pretty easy, weighing about 120 pounds, I'd guess. I really think, if done right, one of these would make an awesome bar...


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