Wednesday, August 20, 2008

VWs of Burney and Lassen, CA

Some VW pics from up near Lassen Volcanic National Park, in Northeast California.

This guy was camped just a few spots down from us.

Bug in the air, just east of Burney, CA.

This great Type 3 was in the same lot as the floating bug. Really pretty car...

...with a really cool original detail.


Ludwig's Drivers

That Type III is awesome. I loved all three of mine so much, especially Anne, my '70. I drove her faster than I've ever driven an ACVW: 100mph, as "confirmed" by my buddy's Jetta's speedo (he was right behind me). I also got nearly 40mpg on a couple tanks during a road trip to the Black Hills in 1992.
Lassen Volcanic is a park I've wanted to go to for some time; we're waiting for the pictures.

Big Blue's Driver

Yeah - I got the itchy finger when I saw that Type III. I was thinking of leaving a note and thought - what the hell would I do with that? But still, it's added to the list of future cars...

We actually didn't explore Lassen much. Sometimes, er, a lot of times we camp, we just veg out and try to leave work and the rest of the world behind. As was the case this time. We did some exploring outside the park on Saturday, but ventured little into the park itself. It's relatively close by, so I'm sure we'll head back again...

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