Thursday, February 12, 2009

Camping in Sonoma County - Stillwater Cove

Our route.

Last weekend, we decided to keep on camping since we were packed up from the weekend before. We took off late Friday night (like 11:00 PM) and didn't arrive at Stillwater Cove Park until around 1:00 in the morning. The ride was fun but I really do need to get the heat working.

Here are some pictures from the next day...

Pretty great location.

After we found a different spot than the one we pulled into Friday night (one with a view of the ocean and some good tree blockage from other sites) we made some breakfast and set about to do nothing all day. We did take advantage of the ocean, as the park has a trail that leads you down to a cove (Stillwater Cove). The entire time we were there, we had the cove to ourselves.


The trail down.

The cove.

This was the first time we had tried this park and I think it ranks among our "off-season" favorites. No reservations needed (at least in the winter) and a pretty peaceful camping spot. And the weather was awesome.

EP telling tales around the campfire.

Big Blue getting ready for bed.

On Sunday, I had to hightail it back home as the possibility of heading to work for a big presentation held itself over my head (which didn't happen). Highway 1 is always fun, but more fun in the off season and when the weather is great, and Sunday had both. We took some time to pull of and enjoy the views.

Big Blue's stereophonic sound system.

On the side of the road just north of Jenner, CA.


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