Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A cool promo idea...

Freebirds, a burrito joint in Texas, uses bay window buses to promote itself...



Freeb!rds--huhn. I hadn't thought about them since our Goleta days. So-so food, unless you've been drinking, in which case awesome food. The one in Isla Vista didn't have a bay window mascot though.

Big Blue's Driver

Mmmm, burritos. The prefect food.

I don't know if that's the same chain, though it is odd. I thought they were only a Texas thing.

EP grew up near Austin and went to school at Collage Station, so she has Freebirds experience. I only stumbled on it recently as the ad agency I work at pitched and won Chipotle's business and EP directed me to the Freebirds' site during the pitch. I was happy to see the buses being used as parade vehicles, although the motorcycle sculpture is a little much...

Ludwig's Drivers

It's definitely the same chain. The "!" in the logo and everything. Actually, if Wikipedia is to be believed, the Isla Vista location we occasionally visited is the original location:
Gotta love Google Street View!

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