Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A drive around Petaluma...

A few weeks back, while EP was at her yoga class and I had some time on my hands, I grabbed her new fancy camera and headed out around town in search of VWs. There was the "Holy Trinity" of abandoned VWs that I knew about, but I thought I would drive some of the streets in my area looking for others. I wasn't surprised to find all these. I was surprised to find them all in an hour or so.

First up is one of the 3 VWs in the trinity. This bug is parked on top of a container at a local repair shop. Why? I have no idea. What I didn't know was there is another bug - a '67? - parked under that bug.

The 2nd car in the abandoned trinity is this guy. Parked in a storage area exposed to the road, I have driven by this many times and wondered the car's story. From a distance, it looked in great condition, but once I parked and hiked over the railroad tracks to get this shot, it seemed a little rough. Still a cool bug. Note that the bumper is inside the car...

Further along, I saw this and had to stop. A Bus Bus, rare to this city. I had never seen this one before, and this is one the few Bus Buses to use a later model Bay Window as it's lookout:

The Bus Bus.

I wonder if anyone ever bothers to hook up the wipers...

Down the road, this guy has a bug and a Ghia. I like the "Formula Vee" graphics on the Ghia...

Right around the corner from the Ghia...

The third, and final, VW in the Holy Trinity of abandoned VWs is this guy. Sitting atop a storage shed in a wrecking yard (which is full of old interesting cars!!) is this baja bug. It sits above the fence, so while you can't see anything in the yard, this bug stands out like a road sign.

I parked and walked as much of the perimeter of the wrecking yard as possible. It looks like they have been out of business for quite some time. Many of the shots I had to take were done while climbing on various objects to try to see over the fence. I did see one more VW tucked in there.

Can you see it?

Back across the river, I drove past this guy and turned around to take some pics... See the dog hanging out inside?

A few more bugs in the neighborhood just south of where EP was taking her class. These I shot just driving to pick her up...

A 68? 69?


This last one is on the way out of town to the west. Little Blue and I zip by it every morning we take the back way to work. I like to think they say hello to each other...


Ludwig's Drivers

That bus-bus makes The Baby Jesus cry.

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