Thursday, March 25, 2010

Down at the old Cache Creek

Our route.

On Friday March 12th, we drove up to Rumsey, California to stay at Cache Creek Regional Park. The campout was organized through the VW Camper Family website and many of the NorCal campers were there.

Friday night on the way to the site.

In attendance was Static in his '71, John's Dormobile, Melissa's Vanagon Westy, Blake and Shelby's early vanagon and Jenn and Romy's Baja Bug/Yurt combo! Tricia brought T-Rex Friday night, but T-Rex drained its transmission fluid on the road about 1 mile short of the campsite, so T-Rex was flat-bedded home on Saturday...

The Baja Bug arrives.

We played some "Static Rules" bones.

Jenn made this yurt over the past few months in her garage. This was the 2nd time they set it up for camping. Note: They carry this all on top of the bug!

The creek was a raging river due to the recent rain. The water was muddy.

Some more pictures of the bug...

The campground wasn't the greatest. There weren't too many flat places to park and the bathrooms were blue boxes (and they had brand new restrooms built, but hadn't opened them!). Plus someone ran their generator all night.

Oh, and here's some fun with poor old T-Rex:


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