Monday, March 29, 2010

That wrought iron bug - Collision Magazine

I am not really sure what to make of this. There may be more than one wrought iron bug around. I wonder where the one with "El Patio" on the top is today... By the way, Collision magazine is not nearly as cool as one would think...



In the film "Wild Wheels" (Harrod Blank) there is an interview with a guy who made a cast iron VW Beetle. He is very interesting; not a typical VW freak.

Randy Carlson

The guy in the video (who is also the builder of the El Patio car) is Raphael Esparza. He built 22 different wrought iron Beetles during his life and was 2/3 through the 23rd car when he passed away at age 80 in October 2012. I have this 23rd car now and am completing it, and have owned two others that he built. I am trying to document and locate all of the cars and put together an article for a couple VW magazines and a website as well. Is there any chance of me getting a copy of this magazine??? is my email. Thank you!

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