Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hall of Shame: HOT VWS - for not having a swimsuit issue...

This week's VW Hall of Shame is Hot VWs for NOT having a swimsuit issue.

I think it's remarkable that there was actually a VW Trends swimsuit issue back in the 90s and there is not one now. How this didn't keep the magazine alive, I'm not sure. In the old issues - there were at least 7-9 swimsuit pictures - hot girls leaning against VWs, or in some vague VW shop-like background. Quality stuff.

And it's telling how popular the issue was that I recently found one at an antique show, bought it for a buck or 2, got home and realized that the issue was void of its swimsuit pages. Someone along the line took them out to save, hide, covet?

C'mon HOT VWs, time to carry on this tradition...


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