Sunday, January 2, 2011

Garage Challenge

"To motivate us, I propose a race. The first one to make the garage fit for work again wins. Ready? Go."

In reaction to a post I did on 12-23, Ludwig's Driver has offered a challenge - a gentleman's bet - to see who can get their garage back into some sort of reasonable area to actually get work done. My area has been overcome by small items, unfinished projects and lack of time to organize. Ludwig's joint is overcome with, well, milk crates and a giant TV among other things

When I look at my workspace in these pictures, it's as if this is the physical dumping grounds for the ideas that I have filed in my head. Let's examine...

Above is the back of the workshop. For those of you trying to bearing using the door - I warn you there are two doors to the workshop.

Behind the (rather large and obvious item in the way) '56 bug you will find:
- its engine
- its backseat. Atop my desk chair
- Big Blue's fridge (which we like the layout without the fridge, so now we store that)
- a large box containing a Bickerstaff painting, which I would be happy to sell
- a screen containing the artwork formy first homemade Big Blue t-shirts - which I have yet to print
- a seal for Big Blue's back window, which I have had forever and haven't taken the time to replace

In the above picture, I have turned slightly left, standing where the engine is. You'll see:

- more screens for screenprinting. To be used for VW Camper Family t-shirts when I get time and we decide on a logo
- 4 white boxes which contain tons of VW-related magazines. Most of which have been scanned and featured on this blog.
- the wood leaning against the back wall was salvaged from an old set of bleachers. Those are the steps and will someday be a table, if I find time.
- there is a stack of softball bats from the 1950s that my dad bought on his recent visit and is storing there until he returns in the spring. 

- you'll note a pair of '56 plates. A post is coming this week about my attempts to get the '56 bug registered under those plates
- behind the chair, an unused welder which I got for $25 when a friend moved. You can see the mask in the right side of the picture.
- on the counter I have some old photo albums which contain pictures of people I don't know (another hobby obsession I have)
- you'll see my record player which works but sometimes shocks me so I unplug it to change records
- a projector for looking at slides

Moving back toward the main door, you'll see:
- a stack of old hard drives leftover from upgrades on space through the years
- on the shelves, items from trips and VW related stuff that is cool that I "display". You've seen most of it if you follow this blog
- in the back of the garage - a pair of jalousie windows that I bought before I realized I can't swap them into Big Blue

- on the very left side of the picture, you'll see our stack of vintage suitcases, which contain photos of people I do know
This last photo shows around the far back side of the bug, if you were to walk beyond the engine. You will find the rest of the bug and what stopping progress. That's the transmission (transaxle) in various parts and pieces on the ground. The reason it looks so disorganized is that I had it laid out nicely, trying to figure it back together until the rains came and I moved it into the covered area quickly.

So, I guess the most pressing issue is the transaxle for the bug. Once that's fixed, wheels can go on, the engine can go back in, brakes can be fixed. And then we'll have a car that moves. So I can move on to some of the other... projects.

Thanks to Ludwig's for getting me motivated. In the meantime, no one buy this until I at least get started...



And then..........when you finally get it all cleaned up and tidy can purchase that lovely Volvo and store it in the new uncluttered area.!!!! Yes...

Ludwig's Drivers

This post makes me think I should give you a head start. That's about 75% more stuff than I've got going on....


Big Blue's Driver

No mercy, whc03grady! It's supposed to be sunny this weekend!

VW Busman - I thought that this post would show you that another project would break me, but you used it as a reason to go ahead and get another project. I like your thinking, but, honestly, my wife would kill me and my family would think she was justified!

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