Thursday, December 23, 2010

The sanctuary...

The rain has taken over Northern California. I'm not complaining. It beats snow for still getting work done. But it's not easy. With the holidays coming up, a massive cleaning is expected. The workshop has become the landing ground for anything and everything. 

The stuff needed for Oak - 2 rockers, 2 strollers, crib, clothes, etc - has taken up space in the normal garage and the spillover has gone into the workshop. 

Did you know you need to save the boxes when you buy kid's stuff so you can sell it at those parent swap meets? Did you know that? Well, we have a collection of original boxes. 

None of this paints the front end of Big Blue or fixes the transmission on a '56 bug. See the wheels in the picture? Those need to be powdercoated and have tires put on. Things to do. Need time to do it. At least I have the space.


Ludwig's Drivers

"The workshop has become the landing ground for anything and everything."
We're in exactly the same boat! Ours is full of stuff of ours we have yet to deal with, and things left behind by our house's previous owner--including a 3200 pound flatscreen CRT television.

To motivate us, I propose a race. The first one to make the garage fit for work again wins. Ready? Go.


Big Blue's Driver

Okay, game on - first one to post photos of an "organized and clean" workshop to their blog wins. I hope you aren't cleaning it up right now because I'm going to bed...

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