Thursday, December 16, 2010

From Monty, Big Blue's Previous Owner

I am happy to stay in touch with the previous owner of Big Blue. Oddly, we have never met. Back in 2007, we did the buying over the phone and his friend Jack showed us the bus and gave us the keys.

Anyway, he sent an email a week ago with some pics attached, so I thought I would turn this post over to him:

From Monty:

Couple pics of a local bus.  perfect shape - local bartender uses it to take occasional patron home.  Thus one sign says "to protect the served"

sign on door relates to Donut Police.  Nice logo

happy holidays to you and your new family

I keep expecting Monty's next email to tell us he has bought another bus. How could he not miss that sensation of being at the wheel of Big Blue!

Thanks Monty! Hope you have a good holiday as well.



Wow...super cool van. Interesting the local constabulary allows this vehicle to be operated on the roads down there !! Up here in the north country ( Canada )..this just wouldn't pass muster...our Highway Traffic Act, states in part...
"Certain marking prohibited
216(1) Except in the case of a peace officer, no person shall operate on a highway a motor vehicle equipped with a sign or otherwise marked in a manner which might indicate that it was being operated by a peace officer or was the property of a police force."
The QUEENS GUARDS would be all over that, like white on rice. The kicker here would be the 'marked in a manner which might indicate'.
But if you can run that van down there like that...good on ya..too cool!!

Big Blue's Driver

VW Busman - I'm guessing they would let something so far away from an actual police vehicle go. Though I bet if you took it cross country, you'd hit spots where you would be harassed. I think the offense down here is impersonating an officer. So if you don't try to pass yourself off as a police officer, you are probably okay.


You're probably correct. Would almost fall into the genre of Keystone Kops. So far out in left field it would be unbelievable. Sort of akin to plastering a couple of large murals of a marijuana leaf on the side of the van. Think we'd get stopped anywhere ? By more than just the Police too ! At one point in my not so illustrious past, I considered doing that. But sober second thought said, " Why do I need the extra hassles." Driving around in VW bus with long hair already gets me in conversations I don't want to participate in.

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