Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thank you to Ludwig's Drivers

There's an odd moment that happens to me every once in a while. It's that moment when the online world I know - people who I have met through this blog, old friends on Facebook and prisoners at San Quentin - somehow touch me in the real world.

This has never been more of an interesting song and dance than with Ludwig's Drivers. While we have been in contact for over 3 years, we have never met. We know each other's family, some history of each other and what type of distributors the other has in their bus. We almost camped together in Maupin, Oregon in 2009, but we had to cancel. Once, when Marc of Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost swung by on his west coast vacation to do some repair work on his bus, he actually called Ludwig's Drivers for some advice. I was inches away from hearing the voice behind the blog!

Before the blog break, I received a large box on the stoop. Thinking it more baby supplies, I put it aside a few hours then saw it again. Looking closer, I saw it was from Ludwig's Drivers. This is not the first piece of mail sent between us, but this was a BOX! Odds favored it containing some VW stuff which had me digging for the blade to open the box asap. Inside, I found a trove of VW reading material!

The book that immediately took me in was this one:

While it's based on European spec changes, it is nonetheless, awesome. Filled with production numbers, small details, and excellent pictures, I am experiencing a good deal of, "oh, that's what that should look like." It's really a classy book. And it's inspiring to look at when I am working on the '56 bug!

Another book in the box is the book above. I haven't dove into this one too much. I will. I promise. I especially like that it covers some water cooled (the Rabbit, I don't care about the New Beetle).

And a third book, Veronica Knows Best, was included. While sub-par to Robinson's opus, Veronica the Show-off, this is still a tremendous work by an American legend. At least Veronica, while looking anywhere between 16 and 46, knows what type of car to drive. Side note: Do you think Apple paperbacks has a case against Apple computers now that they provide books?

There was another cool piece included in the box, but that will be highlighted in a separate post coming soon.

So this is a very public follow up thank you to Ludwig's Drivers. The one thing I don't know about you guys is if you drink beer. If so, first one's on me when we finally meet up along the road somewhere.



Super cool care package. Gotta love mail, especially in a box!


Aw, shucks. Thanks for the kind words, and you're welcome for the books.


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