Wednesday, December 8, 2010

VW bus Avon bottle

There's a local antique shop that has a booth that has a couple hundred Avon bottles. The coolest thing about all these old Avon bottles isn't the shapes or the, egad!, cologne. The coolest thing that that someone at some time in the distant past, actually drew artwork for all these boxes!

I had seen the bus bottle there a while back but it was something like $12. Too expensive - even for the shelves in the workshop. Last time I was there, though, they were having a 50% off everything sale! Me and my $6 VW bus ("Sure Winner" still inside) walked out happy together.

Here's that cool art I was talking about. Each box has some cool scene on it.


Ludwig's Drivers

My dad has a large collection of these Avon bottles, but no bay window. Interesting.
Sure Winner Bracing Lotion! Yowza.


Carole Brown

I love the packaging - what handsome artwork.

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