Thursday, December 30, 2010

THE VOLVO 210: File under "Other cars to dig"

There's something about the Volvo 445, or Duett, or 210 that I love. Perhaps it's the fact that you just never see them. One came up on Craigslist a year or so ago and it was completely restored. I think the price tag was around $15,000 but the thing called out to be taken on fishing and camping adventures.

About a week after getting the new '56 bug project home, this 1961 Volvo 210 was rolled out onto a lawn in a town just north of us. The asking price was hard to determine as they were reusing an used for sale sign. I think they were asking $1500. I'm willing to believe someone could have bought it for 1/2 of that. I tried unsuccessfully to get The Floating Harveys to buy it as they had an older Volvo in a previous life. I even offered to store it for them while we brought it back to life. No deal.

Imagine this thing cruising into Yosemite with a roof rack full of camping gear. Wait. Imagine the restored version (like this one) of this thing doing that. Or entering the California Melee with it. It would make an awesome project and a great car in the end. The issues are obvious: rust (on the cowl really bad!), decay and a few missing pieces. The biggest issue is not obvious. Somehow this car lost its engine at along the way. A vast void that would cost you a pretty penny sits where the engine once stood.

Seriously, one more garage bay and I'd have one more project lined up. As if I need another. But how many chances do you get at this car? Not many.



I feel your pain ! Don't you just wish you could find a home ( yours ) for all these needy orphans ? I can't count the many vehicles I have let slip thru my fingers. What to do. If I won a million dollars I would fill my yard with orphans such as your Volvo. What a classic. it. It tears at your heart strings, does it not ?


Too funny. I ended up with this car. And now I have two of them.

Big Blue's Driver

Pfaffenberger - Way cool. You must be located near me? I'm following you on Twitter now, so share some pictures!

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