Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rio Vista campout - 2-5-11: The twenty things we learned last weekend

Last weekend, we went out on our first VW camping trip with Oak, who was 10 1/2 weeks old. We were slightly worried that things wouldn't go well. I'll avoid the attempt to build suspense and just tell you that Oak did fine.

We did learn a few things;

1. Packing, is more complex:

2. Oak brings his own vehicle:

3. We get almost all VWs at our campouts. This time, we even had a yellow Eurovan show up:

4. Oak likes Blutopia:

5. It was nice to be in Big Blue again. It had been months:

6. This is the best sunroof in the world:

7. EP is pretty good at this:

8. Oak doesn't offer much advice:

9. But he loves to watch...:

10: Me lose.

11. It's good to have friends that make wine. Thanks, Joe.

12. Jeff Goldblum drives a VW and camps with us:

13: Oranges bring together a campsite:

14: It's always fun to see the buses, even if we've seen them before:

15: I still love Splits:

16: Big Blue looks tired, but still goes down the road strong:

17: California rocks:

18: This little guy rocks:

19: Sunrises always trump sunsets:

20: The family that travels together, goes far:


cw did not use the "child cot" for the wee one?!


CW - he's a little small for the cot or the top bunk. I think we was 11 weeks old when we went on this campout - he's small and still loves to be next to his mom!

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