Friday, December 23, 2011

Big Blue's Beam Blues

I promise you a more in-depth summary soon, but right now I am tired. I spent the entire day either trying to figure out how to get Big Blue fixed or watching a 1-year-old. Both of which have taken the fight out of me. So goodnight.

But, before I go to sleep, here's some video I shot earlier today on my iPhone. I think it will do a pretty good job of describing:

1. What was wrong with Big Blue (look at that damage, man!)
2. The specifics of the beam that we need to replace on Big Blue

Tomorrow I am off to Oakland to track down what is supposed to be the correct beam. Until then, roll the video...


Mike Ellis

Why not just have the center pin mount from the incorrect beam welded on? Very simple job.

Big Blue's Driver

Mike - that crossed my mind. But here's the unknown - that water damage was coming from inside the beam. That's the assumption. If that's true, then there may be more water damage inside the beam, lurking. With a bit of running around and finding the correct beam, we could - in theory - be replacing a beam that has other damage.

It's all theory, of course, and I don't really know.

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