Friday, December 23, 2011

Plan C - Still replacing Big Blue's beam

Okay - on to plan C to replace the damaged beam on Big Blue.

The beam I bought this morning was wrong - even though the guys at Sonoma Volkswagen were convinced it was right. But here is the difference between an early bay window beam (68 and 69 bus) and a later beam. It's in the bolt pattern and way the metal is formed in the beam supports. The top beam in this picture is the later beam, the bottom is the old one off of Big Blue. The circle areas are different, as well as the distance between the holes to bolt it on:

So, plan C is now to return the beam I bought today (they will take it back, so good on Sonoma Volkswagen for doing that). And then head off to an Oakland air cooled scrapyard that says they have the right beam. Onward!


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