Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sunshine's Express - A 1976 Riviera camper in Washington

Our friend Steve in Tulalip, Washington, sent us these pictures from their road trip last summer. I thought it was cool how much this bus - named Sunshine's Express - could be Big Blue's younger brother. The bus is a 1976 Riv and Steve has owned it for about 4 years (the same amount of time we have owned Blue!). Steve saved this bus from a field where it had sat for 10 years. Sound familiar?

Below are a few pictures cross country trip from Washington to Main and back again in the summer of 2009.

Way cool ride!

Above: the day they left.

Above: In Colorado before the big climb into the rockies

Above: In Bucksport Maine.

Above: In Langley BC.

Back home in Washington!



Twins, separated at birth!

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