Monday, November 19, 2007

Big Blue - Sunday Night Beach Run

We took Big Blue over the hill to Rodeo Beach last night. We picked up our friend Peter for the ride. It was Elizabeth's 2nd ride in Blue and Peter's first. It is nice to actually start enjoying the bus rather than working on it. He ran great and took the hills pretty well.

The actual beach was closed for two reasons: The oil spill, which has hit the beaches right around us the hardest, and a shark warning, which was odd, but the views were still good and the beer was cold.

We had our first stopper-byer. VW friends kept telling us that a VW bus attracts people like a magnet. And it does. Almost everyone watches Blue drive by, many people smile and a few people wave. Last night, a photographer guy with an Indiana Jones hat (who we determined afterward, may have been the Zodiac Killer) came up to the bus and said, "Well, an old beetle!" We didn't correct him. He asked us what year it was and how much it was worth and how fast it was. He may have been looking to rob a bank, or just curious. Eventually, after noticing that Big Blue was missing his bumpers, he bid us goodbye and headed off.

I think we are going to try to make this a Sunday night tradition...



I believe his exact words were "that's an old bug". To enjoy more of this adventure please visit


I can't believe I missed the first episode of 'Big Blue goes to Rodeo Beach!' Not to mention Peter's first ride in a VW bus which I would have paid money to see! From the look of the footage, I think he is hooked!


Is Peter plugging his website on our website? Is that kosher?

FP Brewer

I was, of course, intrigued by the type of beer that was being consumed while on this trip. Having once lived in microbrew mecca and now residing in a land where Coors Light is regarded as a premium beer, I am intrigued by any beer that I see from the left coast. What was that familiar bottle that my daughter held in her right hand. Something from California? Perhaps a jewel from the great state of Washington? Oh if only she would turn the bottle ever so slightly. I could see the picture of the hops trailing down the right edge. I could make out an E or an F on the label. Hmmm...what could she be enjoying there in beerland. Then I saw it. I zoomed in on it. Yes! That distintive ridge on the neck of the bottle just below her right forefinger. A New Belgium profile if ever there was one. Then I saw the tire and I knew I had her pegged! My Corona girl was drinking a Fat Tire! And I must add, drinking it just like a Corona. Somebody please get that girl a proper glass for such a masterpiece of barleymanship!

Dad P

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