Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Powder coated bumpers back!

Well, yesterday morning I got myself out of bed at 6:00am! to head over to Richmond to Poly Engineering to pick up the bumpers and spare wheel. I was really happy with them. So happy, in fact, that I decided I couldn't put them back on with the old, crappy hardware, so today I am placing an order with VW Heritage to get a full set of replacement bolts, washers, etc.

Can't wait to get them back on Blue...


Ludwig's Drivers

Looking good. I'm always afraid to do things like that to (for?) Ludwig because then the rest of him will look all the shabbier by comparison. Lucky for BigBlue that he's getting a lot of stuff done in a decently short period of time.


Cherie Mac

Okay, I'm missing something here. POWDER coated bumpers? Why powder coated? Isn't that a girl thing? Now, chrome bumpers, that's manly. Chrome bumpers that size is Big Blue on steriods. But POWDER?????

Explain please....

Big Blue's Driver

Ludwig's drivers - you might have something there - if we don't get the nose done soon, it going to look pretty silly to have pristine bumpers - like those guys who put chrome spinners on a Honda Accord that has a bad tint job and is half in primer.

Cheris Mac - Actually the powder coating looks better than I would have thought - plus the idea is it will match the wheels a little better. It really does shine and the best part is, because of the process, it is less likely to chip and easy to clean... and don't worry, I won't tell Blue what you said.

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