Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Weekend work

I spent about 12 hours on Saturday and Sunday working on Big Blue and he really looks no different. Most of what I was doing was going through and taking out small things like the old wire basket on the side of the fridge, and the cracked wood at the base of the table.

The majority of the work was spent on the windows. I removed 2 of them (and will do the 3rd this coming weekend) to clean them and put new sheet metal screws in. Also, Blue got 3 new screens which I stretched myself (yes, you can hear pride in that sentance).

Here are some pics of the cleaned windows, though it may not look much different to anyone...



Those window edges are blinding they are so shiny!

FP Brewer

Fine looking mechanical work there, Brett. Stainless Phillips head screws I see. I wonder why they don't make Van Emst head screws?
Here's some major news that I heard on NPR yesterday - Ford has just come out with a Bullitt car; a remake of the 1968 390 GT from one of your favorite McQueen flicks. They are making 7,700 of them. Wouldn't that '68 remake look good parked next to the real '68?
Click here for a showing of the full 9 1/2 minute chase filmed in a neighborhood near you. How many VWs can you count?

Here's a site with info on the new 435 horsie version.

Dad P


What the?? Is that a comment from Papa Phillips? A comment complete with not just a link to You Tube, but to Motor Trend as well? You are hip to the scene man!

And yes, those windows are shiny. No wonder we didn't see you for the rest of the weekend! Can't wait to see the footage of the jalousie window installation!

Big Blue's Driver

Nothing better than waking up and watching 9 minutes of Bullitt. Not sure where they filmed that ending when it gets to the country, but that is no where near the Marina area where they were headed. Peter may know as he is a follower of the great car films.

And, yeah, they seem to have gotten about 5 vw bugs donated from the local dealership and placed them over and over along the route they shot on. Perhaps because if they wrecked, the bug was the cheapest car to replace? I did catch a sight of at least 1 split window bus that was used twice.

I think if we buy another '68 anything, it's going to be a VW bug (ragtop). Since we are going for slow, underpowered cars, might as well get one that the top comes down.

FP Brewer

You are correct, Brett. I should have said "How many times can you count that green VW bug"?
A man has to have a vision. How does this look:
It's the year 2048. Brett is approaching his golden years and cheeringly thinks back to that '68 VW he used to own that he mistakenly let one of his kids drive and total. Damn kids. Ahhh...what it would be like to own another vintage car. Hmmm...he wonders if there are still any of those '08 Bullitt mustangs to be had...

Tracy - thanks for the encouragement. Ask Elizabeth how long it took me to do that with my two-fingered typing and minimal web aptitude. I'll keep working on it...

Dad P

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