Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Up next, body work...

While trying to control the costs of this project, I still have to keep in mind that the rainy season is coming to California soon, and Big Blue needs some work around the front windshield that I am not sure can wait. As a result of the leaking windshield, there is rust in the bottom of the front clip, behind the front bumper. So I am going to have this taken care of in one swift ninja-like motion (or one swift pansy-like swipe of the debit card).

While doing that work, I am going to have the body shop take the spare tire mount off the front and put the VW symbol back on. Since Blue started his life as a panel truck, he wouldn't have had the spare tire on the front (the spare will go back inside). Also, I promised Elizabeth we would do this to whatever bus we ended up with.

So now begins the task of getting quotes from a few body shops. There is one literally 200 yards from the end of our road, so I guess I am starting there.

I guess from here on until we paint, Blue will only get uglier....

(the picture attached is of a bus on the side of the road in Stockton. Elizabeth was there last year and bought a camera to take some pics. The bus was missing the engine, but had most everything else. The asking price was $600. Tempting)


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