Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sausalito VWs

To illustrate the proliferation of old VWs in California, I present to you:
VWs of Sausalito.

These are simply the VWs I passed on my walk to work yesterday.

Of course, Big Blue is the first I see.

This old Type 2, T1 pickup sits near the end of our road.
The owner still actively uses it for hauling.

An old Vanagon that hasn't moved in a while.

A Westy that has been parked at the body shop for quite a while.

An old Ghia that is someone's pride and joy - this is a daily driver
that comes to this office building.

In keeping with the "On my walk to work"" theme, I didn't want to get closer,
but this old bug is a daily driver as well.

Living on the water means some of the area floods. This old bug is probably too far gone as when the tide comes in, this lot floods with salt water. Also in this lot is an old FJ-40, a semi-truck from the 50s, and a Silver Streak trailer - all slowly rotting with each passing tide.

An old squareback that seldom moves (although it has).
Looks like someone spent some time on it a one point.

A newcomer to the area. A 1972 Wolfsburg Edition. This was for sale on Craigslist for a few hours last Sunday and must have sold instantly. It moved to this spot and hasn't moved since but I am interested in what the plans are... It was listed for $700.

Hello there! Another Vanagon hiding.

Another Vanagon. Usually this lot contains an old Bay Window (Big Blue's style) as well, but it has been gone recently.

And another Vanagon Westy - this one hasn't moved in a while so I hope it is not left to rot as it is in pretty good shape.


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