Sunday, January 27, 2008

Big Blue's Guts!

Perhaps if Monty reads this, he can clarify for me, but in going through Big Blue's records, it looks like he got a new engine at mile 125081. If that is correct, then the engine inside Blue right now has about 135,000 miles on it.

Here are some pictures on Blue's guts. Notice that there is no firewall between the engine and the gas tank... '68s didn't have them.

Note at the bottom, a temp reader instead of a dipstick (the red wire on the lower right).

An after-market oil cooler Monty added. Right now, it isn't working. The added external Fram filter is the source of one of Blue's oil leaks.

Better shot of the oil temp reader - a VDO set up - and you can see the single Solex carb sitting on top.



Somewhere there must be a maintenance record missing. Can't imagine the engine has run that long. what's the compression anyway?

Your camping trip sounded great. I used to love sleeping in the rain in that thing. Sometimes we just left our bedroom and went and slept in it!

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