Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Big Blue's Patron Saints - good people who bought portions of big blue off our wedding registry

So, the thing about Big Blue is that he was a wedding gift. We created a webpage that people could buy parts of a "bus" for us. When we got back from our honeymoon, we began the hunt for the bus. So, since they are a part of Big Blue, here is a list of Big Blue's Patron Saints...

  • Rebecca Prusinowski
  • Scott and Barb Lines
  • Kristen and Chris Conn
  • UP! (Andy Bertagnoli)
  • Ralph Doyle and Karin Ahlberg
  • David Byslma
  • Glenda and Jon Van Emst
  • Tracy and Peter Nielsen
  • Brett and Kristi Waterfield
  • Andy and Jaylene Ruth
  • Kristine Von Maur and Dustin Borg
They know how much it means to us, but it is worth repeating; Thank you!



Happy to contribute the Nielsen 1600 Dual Port Engine! Enjoy the ride....

FP Brewer

This was an excellent idea, Brett. Unfortunately I could not participate due to other immediate pressing financial obligations at the time. However, your idea motivates me to think of other similar possibilities. The wife and I could renew our vows and set up a “Help Us Build the Brew Magic” gift campaign. Kegs, heat exchangers, temperature controllers, stainless steel and copper fittings…this could be just what she’s been wanting! In no time, with the help of my friends and loved ones, we could be doing multiple 10-gallon batches on the front porch in Louisiana. Yeah baby!

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