Monday, January 21, 2008

Restoration update #2

Last weekend I drove Big Blue over to Dubwerkz in Livermore. It was about an hour away so it was good to get Big Blue to stretch his legs. Driving with my left hand bandaged wasn't too bad either. The guys at Dubwerkz were cool, if not impressed with the amount of rust under Blue's front lip. John - the guy I have been talking to there has been working on VWs since he bought one and rebuilt it when he was 15. They are currently building a car that will be in the TV show "Pinks".

I'll let you guys know the details when he gets back with me.

On the way home, Blue and I did a little tour of his history. We stopped at the house of M Edwin Riddle, Blue's first owner. I had thought about knocking, but what are the chances that they know someone who lived there 40 years ago and what are the chances of getting shot? We also stopped by 750 A Street, which was where Humphrey Motors was back in 1968 when Blue was sold new. Oddly, I think the street addresses have changed since then as there is now a West A and East A Street. Not sure I ended up in the right place.

Big Blue back where he started in 1968.

I am pretty sure the addresses have changed since 1968, but this may have been where Humphrey Motors was.

We also stopped by 9829 Bigge Avenue in Oakland, where Monty added the Riviera top at ASI in 1981.
Just outside the Oakland Airport is where Big Blue's top was put on by ASI in 1981.

Alas, the historical run must have been too exciting for Blue, who began leaking oil from his driver's side the following day. So now Blue is back in the skilled hands of Paul of Valley Wagonworks. I hadn't seen Paul since we first dropped off Blue in October - it was good catching up with him.

Today, I headed back to Joe Garcia's to snap some pics of the '68 parts bus he has for sale. I am going to call him shorty when I get done with this and tell him I'll take it. Let the fun begin!



Don't be shy to dive in and tackle some of Blue's mechanical problems yourself. As easily as these engines are repaired, there is rarely something wrong worth spending $110 per hour on labor rates alone. Blue will grow more fond of you for it too!

Big Blue's Driver

Mike - I truly do plan on it, but with a broken hand and the rainy season upon us, I didn't want to experiment now. I certainly plan on learning more of this. We may be moving in April, and I am trying for a place with a garage...



I am really jealous that you have BigBlue's history down well enough to do things like this.
Also-here's hoping his rhinoplasty goes smoothly.

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