Monday, January 7, 2008

Restoration update

A 1971 Adventure Wagon that may donate it's front end to Big Blue.

Yesterday I intended to replace all the seals on the taillights and turn signals but both sets turned out to be shoddy (never buying from West Coast Metric again). Alas, they go back to the company and Big Blue sits as he always has. I'll try Wolfsburg West's seals next...

Before the holiday break, I took Big Blue to Concord, CA, to get a quote from LaVere's Restoration who deals specifically in VWs. The shop was quite awesome and it was great to see so many VWs in one spot (I must have looked at 14 different buses and bugs). The quote came in at around $2500 for all the front end work - and that's leaving it in primer! They don't do their own body work there (thanks for the tip, Mike!) so this weekend I am bringing it to Dub Werkz, a vw place in Livermore that does their own body work to see if it is cheaper to cut out the middle man.

Also, had the good fortune of meeting up with Joe Garcia - a VW nut over in San Pablo. The guy's got a '68 parts bus and a '71 (pictured at the top), which maybe could be restored, probably not. Also has a few pre-67 panel trucks including a 1957. Pretty cool guy and I am trying to figure out a way to get the parts off the '68 and scrap the body. I'm going to try to get the nose to transplant onto Big Blue.

That's it for now. I'll post a picture of the restored bumpers on Big Blue as soon as I can...



Hey, how'd Blue do going up the hill to the tunnels? I have to downshift to 3rd. Let me know how the other shop treats you. I need a paint job too!

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