Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Not a donor for the nose, but...

I was looking at this for the nose, but have tracked down a "mint" one up near Sacramento. But this is a '68, and for $200, there are some interesting parts as this bus was a "deluxe". Notice the chrome trim around the windows. Also, the arm rest on the driver's door. I haven't bought it, but, man, it is tempting to do so. The best part is, whatever I don't want, which is the body, I can leave there...

Interesting way to solve the emblem or spare tire debate.

Only 1968s had that style door handle. Pretty cool chrome trim on the driver's window.

Uncracked dash and a few extra hubcaps.



They really take on a human look, especially when they're beat, don't they?
What are those things above the hatch in the second-to-last picture?

Big Blue's Driver

I think those things are brackets are for "jerry cans"... Not sure.

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