Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Buses as... backdrops in advertising.

Have you noticed them? Buses lurking as backdrops in catalogs, ads, etc? Here are a few I have seen over the past few months...

In July, Outside magazine used a VW as a blurred nod to an adventurous life on the road...

Patagonia, one of my favorite retailers, had this photo in their recent catalog:

And Athleta uses buses alot in their backgrounds. But these people are way too fit to drive a VW bus...



Oh, I love VW buses. And did I see a splitty in the "Destination" ad?
Thanks for including all the bus photos on your blog site.

Big Blue's Driver

Dadmichael - yeah, that's a splitty someone is hanging their feet out of. Obviously on vacation without a care in the world - how we should all live our life, right?

Good stuff.

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