Monday, October 26, 2009

Win a 1977 VW Bus! Today is the last day to sign up!

Today is your last chance to enter a raffle for a 1977 VW Bus that the is sponsoring. You can be entered in the drawing for the VW by giving a $10 donation to the Waterwheel Foundation through the site. Waterwheel Foundation was set up by the band Phish to manage their charities. Seems like decent odds. How many people at Phish shows had an extra $10 to enter after making it past all the grilled cheese places? I'm thinking not many...

All the details are at:


Ludwig's Drivers

If they'd've thrown in enough sandpaper, primer, and paint to undo that ridiculousness, I might've given it some thought....

Big Blue's Driver

I was thinking, well, I would never do that to my own bus. Might be fun to drive it that way a while. Until I reached my limit of people laughing at me...

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